Nightingale Hospital (P) Ltd.

The Nightingale Hospital Family
Nightingale Hospital is the brainchild of Late DR. N.K. Agarwala. He founded this hospital with the aim to create a premiere ENT hospital in North East India. The founding stone was laid by him in the year 1989 and soon came into operation in the same year, though on a very small scale at least. He started the hospital with a staff personal of 15 individuals and with 7 beds for IPD treatment. Though small in scale, Nightingale Hospital soon grew in reputation under the guidance of Dr. N.K. Agarwala. His dream was to make his hospital a leading ENT hospital of the state with the best and most updated treatment available in the field of ENT. Though he started his work in right earnest, unfortunately destiny had other plans. He passed away before he could give it the final shape. His sudden demise was a huge setback for the hospital. It was a period of uncertainty and difficulties. But the people associated with it remained strong and determined to carry on his work. Everyone worked hard and passionately to maintain the quality and operation of the hospital. It was with the immeasurable efforts of everyone combined that saw the hospital through its difficult time. Mrs Sumitra Agarwala, wife of late Dr. N.K. Agarwala took over the management of the hospital. Under her guidance and leadership, the hospital grew both in reputation and infrastructure. She was determined to carry on the legacy of her late husband and to fulfill his lifelong dream. Over the years and by God’s grace, she has come very close to it. Today NIGHTINGALE HOSPITAL is a proud and renowned hospital in the field of ENT. It specializes in the field of ENT in Assam and is recognized as one of the premiere hospitals in the field. What started as a small scale operation with little manpower and a limited facility, today it has grown by leaps and bounds. With a working staff of over 45 personal and with a bed capacity of 24, Nightingale Hospital today boasts of having the best team of doctors and surgeons in the field of ENT. It possesses most of the necessary ENT equipment and some of the latest instruments that modern science has to offer. Though small in size as compared to some corporate hospitals, it makes up by providing personalized care and attention to patients who come from various states of the NE region of India as well as from the neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. The hospital is well equipped to diagnose and treat many ailments in the field of ENT. It boasts of providing numerous facilities which help and make comfortable the stay of patients and their treatment. Over the years, Nightingale Hospital has been proud to incorporate the treatment of Cancer patients as well, providing CHEMOTHERAPY and cancer related surgeries. It also has an EYE clinic and recently, it has been the pioneer to provide SLEEP STUDY/APNEA TEST, or POLYSOMNOGRAPHY (PSG), which few other hospitals can provide in the state. Nightingale Hospital is well renowned for its cleanliness and hygiene as well as the familiar and warm atmosphere which it provides to the patients. The team of doctors and staff personal are diligent in their efforts to provide personal care to each and every individual patient. Indeed, Nightingale Hospital has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is looking forward to a future with further growth and development. It will always remain committed to provide the best health care service to people.

Mrs Sumitra Agarwala has been managing the operations of the hospital with aplomb and determination. Under her guidance the hospital has been greatly benefited and grown by both structure and status. Since 2010, she has been helped in her efforts with the addition of her son, Mr. Nishant Agarwala in the business administration. With the welcome addition of Mr. Nishant Agarwala, the hospital has been provided with a boost in both morale and the incorporation of a young mind. Mr. Nishant Agarwala says, “Nightingale Hospital is the dream of my father. He laid the stepping stones for its success but was unable to see it reach its true height. It is my promise and determination to see that his dream is fulfilled. Today, his dream is closer than ever to fulfillment. I, along with my mother and every one associated with the hospital, am working hard towards it. Nightingale Hospital is a premiere ENT hospital in the state and we all work towards its betterment and development in future. Nightingale Hospital is a family. And its roots are grounded in the culture of its extended family members. We strive towards excellence, and most importantly, we work to provide the best possible treatment available to the people. I thank every single person associated with the hospital for their tireless efforts through the years and I thank the Almighty for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family.”

Nightingale Hospital is proud to say that in 2014, it has completed 25 years of its birth. It has been standing tall for a quarter of a century, and it strives towards continuing to do so for many more years to come.